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Get the Best Cox TV Packages and Prices in Your Area Today!

  • Cox TV packages are customizable to your needs
  • Keep your visitors entertained and informed while they wait
  • Tailor the TV package to your business’s specific needs
  • Choose from a variety of packages that cover a range of business interests

Cox TV Channel Packages & Solutions for Business

Bar and Restaurant TV

Give your customers something to cheer for by providing them with games, shows, and events they cannot get at home. Make entertaining easier on your staff with our user-friendly, business-focused features.

Healthcare TV

Making patients feel more at ease and relaxed is critical to providing quality care. Cox Business TV delivers the dependability and industry-leading expertise you require for in-room services.

Campus TV

Cox Business Campus TV is a secure, highly reliable, and simple-to-integrate solution that keeps your students, employees, and guests connected and entertained.

Hotel and Hospitality TV

Custom Hotel TV solutions that work with your existing equipment can help you provide an exceptional customer experience to your guests.

The Cox TV Packages and Prices

Cox TV packages and prices provide various innovative small business solutions, including business-grade Internet, next-generation network security, remote IT support, and flexible voice solutions. With the Cox TV package, small businesses have everything they need to keep their customer connected and happy. Cox TV Plans and prices are designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses, with speeds up to 50 Mbps and a variety of data plans to choose from. In addition, Cox communication offers several value-added features, including 24/7 technical support, online backup and storage, and email filtering.

Business Internet 50 + News and Finance TV

Includes 30+ HD Channels

with 12 month agreement
Offer Details & Terms

  • Up to 50 Mbps Download
  • Up to 10 Mbps Upload
  • 25 Security Suite Licenses
  • 30+ HD Channels
  • Major News and Finance Programming
  • Interactive Programming Guide
  • Available with Contour Box

Business Internet 50 + Waiting Room TV

Includes 50+ HD Channels

with 12 month agreement
Offer Details & Terms

  • Up to 50 Mbps Download
  • Up to 10 Mbps Upload
  • 25 Security Suite Licenses
  • 50+ HD Channels
  • Family-friendly Programming and live local networks
  • Major news and entertainment channels
  • Available with Contour Box

Business Internet 50 + Contour TV

Includes 220+ HD Channels

with 12 month agreement
Offer Details & Terms

  • Up to 50 Mbps Download
  • Up to 10 Mbps Upload
  • 25 Security Suite Licenses
  • 220+ HD Channels
  • Access to seasonal sports addon packages
  • Live pay per view event options 
  • Available with Contour Box

Benefits of COX TV Packages


Keep your team entertained and engaged through cox tv channel packages. Maximize productivity.

Commercial-free Music

Stream music uninterrupted with commercial music and keep your team members and customers entertained. 

Latest News

Get real-time updates on breaking news and local events with our live news feed’ COX TV packages.

Tailored Plans

Customizable plans that can be adjusted at any time, Local, national, and international Cox TV packages.

Easy Installation

Streamline operations with a custom TV package designed specifically for businesses.

Expert Support

Assistance with billing, programming, and troubleshooting. Receive 24/7 expert support for all of your cox tv services.

Why Cox TV Package?

Cox TV package offers a variety of prices and plans to fit your budget and needs. Offers several features to its customers, including:

  • Cox Security Suite: Cox Security Suite helps to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, and other online threats.
  • Cox High-Speed Internet: Cox high speed internet provides you with a fast and reliable internet connection.
  • Cox Wi-Fi: Cox Wi-Fi gives you access to wireless internet at thousands of hotspots across the country.

Cox TV is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable and reliable TV service provider. Contact Cox today to learn more about their COX TV packages and plans.

More Flexibility
More Choices

With Cox Business TV & Internet packages, you'll have the capacity and flexibility to get your work done faster, plus all the choices you need to stay connected on your terms.


Get the fastest cox internet speed and customizable business TV for your company. Add Cox Voice for unlimited talk time. Feature your business needs to stay connected and productive.

More Perks
More Value

Cox TV and internet packages allow you to add exactly what you want when you want. Choose business TV packages that come up with premium solutions. Get the most cox internet packages and prices.

Security &

Cox Business TV and Internet is a secure and reliable way to keep your business connected. With speeds up to 25 Mbps, Cox provides firms with the bandwidth they need to stay productive.

Explore Cox TV Packages and Prices in Your Area

Our fiber-based network combines cutting-edge technology with proven performance to provide speed and reliability. The dependability of Cox’s network allows critical infrastructure, such as hospitals and fire stations, to operate 24/7.

cox business internet for small business


When it comes to watching cable TV without a Contour box, the answer is no because, like all providers, Cox encrypts its programming, so you must rent a Cox box to decrypt it.

The Contour Stream Player connects you to your favorite shows, movies, and entertainment platforms, and it’s all powered by the Contour Voice Remote for a more convenient viewing experience. Bring your entertainment together for only $5 per month. Cox Internet Essential 100 or higher is required.

Netflix charges appear on your bill as Other Service Provider if you are a Cox subscriber. This includes the subscription fee and the date on which you have access to the Netflix service, as determined by Netflix.

This resolution, also known as 4K (2160p), uses five times the data of HD video and requires at least 25 Mbps of bandwidth.