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Spectrum Internet and TV Packages, Connecting People with Fun and Entertainment

  • 125+ free HD Channels
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Spectrum Internet + TV Select




for 12 mos*

Spectrum TV Channels - Let the world see a great way to enjoy

Experience The Power of Choice with Spectrum Internet & TV Packages and Feature-Rich Options

Spectrum provides high-speed internet and voice and TV services in a handy and affordable package. Choose the business bundle that best meets your requirements.

TV Select




for 12 mos*





for 12 mos*





for 12 mos when bundled*

Experience the best entertainment with Spectrum TV packages - more choices, value, and enjoyment!

Spectrum TV is the ultimate customized experience! Get only what you want by building your package with add-on tiers and premium channels. You'll never pay for anything unnecessary or unwanted again - so why not choose Spectrum?

Spectrum Cable Plans

Channels Offered

Channels Offered

Channels Offered


Spectrum TV® Select


$59.99/mo. for 12 months*

Spectrum Add-On Tiers

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Spectrum TV App

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Spectrum Premiums

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Spectrum TV App

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HBO Max™









Spectrum TV Internet - Entertainment is Life to Live

Fed up with your current TV provider’s lackluster services? Now is the time to break free and join Spectrum TV, which offers an incredible range of entertainment options that will keep you entertained for hours. Plus, they’re willing to go beyond expectations by providing a buy-out package worth up to $500 if you bundle their services – so say goodbye to existing contracts and hello to freedom!

Spectrum TV for Entertainment has a New Definition

Entertainment has become unlimited with no boundaries or restrictions in these ever-changing times. Spectrum TV sets you up for success by giving users thousands of On Demand options – from movies to shows. And that’s not all! With just a few clicks using their innovative app, viewers can access an entire channel lineup even on the go – making it easier than ever for binge lovers everywhere to get exactly what they want without limitations.

Advantages of Spectrum TV Providers

Free HD

With Spectrum, you get a luxurious HD experience without the extra cost. Enjoy movies and sports events with lifelike details in stunning color and incredible sound that make it feel like you have the best seat at home! Plus, all your favorite programming comes to life as never before seen--from children's TV shows to music videos - all crisp and sound on an HD screen.

On-Screen TV Guide

With Spectrum's on-screen TV guide, channel surfing is officially a thing of the past. You can quickly find your favorite programming through one centralized source and even tailor your channels to ensure you get all the benefits! This intuitive solution takes only a few clicks for hours of entertainment satisfaction.

You are in Control

Worried about the content your kids are seeing on TV? Put away all anxieties with Spectrum TV's parental control feature. You can manage and restrict access to channels and programming with a personalized pin code, giving you ultimate oversight in handling what they watch!

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Spectrum TV Packages

Discover unbeatable entertainment at a fraction of the price with Spectrum services. Get more for your money when you combine TV, Internet, and Voice into one great Triple Play Bundle – offering incredible speeds and features that can’t be matched elsewhere! Enjoy unlimited dialing, dependability from all three solutions, and budget-friendly prices – making it easier to get everything you need without breaking the bank.

Customers are Satisfied with Spectrum TV Internet Deals

Spectrum consumers can enjoy the convenience of bundled services with customizable packages to fit their budgets and demands. Get everything you need in one easy package today!


With Spectrum, you can build your own tailored in-home entertainment package to get the most bang for your buck. Their TV Select plan provides a great starting point – make it even better by selecting additional services and customizing!


Expand your viewing pleasure with channels from around the globe! Add a unique global entertainment experience to your TV package by subscribing to networks in dozens of languages.

TV Packages

Enjoy 60+ live TV channels, whenever and wherever you want, with the Spectrum cable app! With 24/7 access to your favorite shows and sports teams, staying entertained has never been easier.

Spectrum TV Customer Support and Services

Spectrum TV Internet offers the best customer service and support – guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Question

Spectrum does not have 4K cable boxes available. However, by adding Apple TV 4K to their subscription, Spectrum TV App subscribers can view 4K programming.

Spectrum charges a one-time installation fee of $59.99 for professional installation and $19.99 for self-installation.

Spectrum TV Select, which costs $59.99 per month, is one of Spectrum’s most affordable packages. It offers over 125 stations, FREE HD, and thousands of On Demand options. DVR service can also be included in the subscription.

The monthly cost is determined by the Spectrum cable TV bundle you choose. The higher the price, the more add-ons there are. For example, Spectrum TV Select costs $59.99 per month, but adding channel packs (add-on tiers) or premium channels raises the cost.