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Spectrum Phone Service Plans

Obtain the Most Effective Spectrum Home Phone Service

Best Spectrum package deals.

  • Get crystal-clear sound quality and unlimited nationwide calling with Spectrum phone number.
  • Spectrum Voice offers a range of convenient features like caller I.D., call waiting, and Voicemail to help you manage your calls.
  • Spectrum home phone service is backed by 24/7 customer support.
  • Get exclusive deals on Spectrum Phone and Internet when you bundle them together!





when bundled*

With Phone Deals, You May Save Both Time and Money

Spectrum Phone Package Prices & Features

Spectrum provides high-speed internet and voice and T.V. services in a handy and affordable package. Choose the spectrum phone service plans that best meet your requirements.





For 12 months when bundled*





For 12 months when bundled*





for 12 mos when bundled*

spectrum home phone service

What Makes Spectrum Home Phone Service Different

Get ready to revolutionize your communication experience with Spectrum Voice! Enjoy exceptional audio quality and uninterrupted calls, and access an array of features like Voicemail, Caller ID, and E911 service – all at a fantastic price when bundled. Plus, make unlimited local and international long-distance calls at no extra cost for countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands. Get this incredible deal today for only $19.99!

Unlimited Spectrum Phone Service Plans for Local and Long – Distance Calling

Spectrum Voice makes it easy and affordable to stay connected with loved ones no matter where they are. Enjoy unlimited talking wherever you need it—from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and more! Never worry about caps on your calls or destinations again; talk as much as you want without breaking budget boundaries.

Advantages of Spectrum Telephone Services


Keep up-to-date with essential calls, even when you're away from the phone! With our voicemail feature, a stutter dial tone will alert you to new incoming messages.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting ensures you get all incoming calls while mid-conversation. Never worry again about missing meaningful connections with a gentle beep notification to alert you of an incoming call!

Call Waiting with Caller ID

With Call Waiting with Caller ID, you never have to guess who's on the other line! Instantly know who is trying to reach you and determine whether taking that call fits your plans.

Caller ID on T.V.

Enjoy the convenience of always being available to answer calls from family and friends with Spectrum Voice. Caller ID on T.V. makes it easy to display incoming callers' contact information directly on your television screen while watching all your favorite shows!

Caller ID

With Caller ID, you can easily and quickly identify who is calling without the hassle of any initial pleasantries. Let your Spectrum Voice unit be your virtual receptionist!

Readable Voicemail

Keep your Voicemail on the go! The Readable Voicemail feature allows you to view messages easily without ever picking them up.

Spectrum Phone Family Safety Features

Spectrum provides peace of mind to families with trusted features that prioritize your family’s safety. In the case of an emergency, dialing 911 automatically sends your phone number and address straight to public-safety operators – ensuring you get help promptly. With Spectrum’s battery backup plan in place, you can be assured that power outages won’t prevent vital conversations; up to 8 hours of standby and 5 hours of talk time are available when needed most.

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Spectrum Phone Service Plans

Spectrum’s Triple Play Plans to deliver unbeatable power, price, and reliability by combining Voice, Internet, and T.V. services into one manageable plan. Create your bundle with Spectrum’s base plans – T.V. Select (125+ channels), Internet 300 Mbps* (*wireless speeds may vary), and Voice – then customize further at will with additional channel packs or upgraded internet speeds for the perfect combination of connectivity needs.
With Spectrum home internet bundle deals, subscribers get instant access to the latest and greatest shows with their On Demand library. Take your pick of top-notch Spectrum TV. entertainment or record it at your convenience using the free DVR service – all for one consolidated monthly bill!

Customers are Satisfied with Spectrum Phone Service Plans

Unlimited Dialing

Get the freedom to talk without limits! Spectrum home phone service ensures unlimited calls within and beyond U.S. borders, with coverage in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands included – all at no extra cost.

No Added Fees

Spectrum brings peace of mind to your home phone needs with dependable plans that won’t break the bank. Our straightforward, no-surprise prices include all applicable fees for a worry-free experience every time.

Manage Your Home Phone on the Go

Now you can keep your home phone life in check with the ease of Spectrum Voice Online Manager. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to control your landline – anytime, anywhere!

Get the Best Customer Support and Services of Spectrum Home Phone

Spectrum home phone service offers the best customer service and support – guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Question

Spectrum will give you a landline handset as part of your triple-play package.

A residential landline is available as part of Spectrum’s double or triple-play plan.

You should hire a professional to install Spectrum Voice in your home. Customers must pick up a voice modem or Multimedia Terminal Adapter from a Spectrum retail site or mail it to their address for self-installation.

Sign in to My Spectrum, go to Voice Online Manager, pick options, click on privacy in the navigation bar, and then hit the “switch on” button under the call blocking menu. Follow the on-screen instructions and save.

Spectrum Voice provides free Voicemail, Caller ID, E911 access, and many other features in addition to unlimited local and long-distance calling.